Ashwagandha Is Timeless Just Like Poetry


For thousands of years, people have turned to this natural remedy to ease stress, anxiety, and other health issues. At Bruut we believe in the power of nature and its ability to heal and nourish us from the inside out. That’s why we’ve incorporated ashwagandha into The Relax Bar.

We’re so inspired by the remarkable healing properties of ashwagandha that we’ve even created poetry to celebrate its timeless beauty. As the great poet Rumi once said, “The beauty you see in me is a reflection of you.” That’s how we feel about ashwagandha. Its beauty and power reflect the beauty and power within us all. We invite you to explore our products and the poetry we’ve created in honor of this incredible herb.


In fields of green, where sunbeams shine, Ashwagandha roots, they intertwine, A plant revered for ages past, In Ayurvedic medicine, its powers vast.

Withanolides, its magic lies, Adaptogen, stress-reducer, it allies, To calm the mind and soothe the soul, Ashwagandha makes us whole.

Its anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting traits, Are just some of its many healthful states, Oh Ashwagandha, we sing your praise, For the healing power that you display.

So let us honor this wondrous plant, And let its virtues always enchant, For in its roots, we find the key, To living life, healthy and free.

Ashwagandha root, Ancient healing from the earth, Calming mind and soul.

Ashwagandha root, L-Theanine’s calming touch, Soothe the anxious mind.

In ancient India, so the stories say, An herb grew wild in fields of clay, A root of magic with a wondrous spell, Ashwagandha was its name, and it served us well.

For centuries, its healing powers were known, A gift from nature, to the world it was shown, Its withanolides, a potent brew, Reducing stress and anxiety, it knew just what to do.

From the hills of India to distant shores, Ashwagandha’s fame forevermore, A ballad of its power and might, Sung in praise from morning until night.

So let us honor this plant so fine, A treasure of the earth, a jewel divine, Oh, Ashwagandha, we sing to thee, A ballad of healing for all to see.

Oh Ashwagandha, herb of ancient lore, With roots that dig deep into the core, Your healing powers, they are known, To calm the mind, and soothe the bone.

Withanolides, your secret brew, A potent blend of healing too, From stress and anxiety, you set us free, To live life fully, and be all we can be.

Oh, ashwagandha, your virtues abound, A treasure of the earth, in soil you’re found, From the hills of India to distant shores, Your healing magic forevermore.

So let us honor this herb so fine, And sing its praises, in prose and rhyme, For in ashwagandha, we find a friend, A natural remedy, that will never end.

Ashwagandha, herb of ancient lore, Withanolides, your magic brew, Calming mind and soothing soul once more.

From India’s hills, your roots explore, A gift from nature, tried and true, Ashwagandha, herb of ancient lore.

An adaptogen, for stress you deplore, Your healing power forever new, Calming mind and soothing soul once more.

With anti-inflammatory might, you soar, Immune-boosting, your prowess grew, Ashwagandha, herb of ancient lore.

Oh, may your healing power forever pour, In all who seek the healthful cue, Calming mind and soothing soul once more, Ashwagandha, herb of ancient lore.

A marvel of nature, so fine, Soil it calls home, divine, Healing powers, known for ages, Withanolides, potent stages.

Adaptogen, stress it tames, Great health benefits it claims, Anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting, Natural remedy, no more than trusting, Divine ashwagandha, we sing your praise, Heralding your healing ways, An herb so fine, with roots so deep, Oh ashwagandha, forever you’ll keep.

Oh ashwagandha, herb of ancient lore, Your roots run deep, in soil so rich and pure, From India’s hills, you’ve spread across the land, With healing powers, that sooth and understand.

Your withanolides, a wondrous brew, Adaptogenic, stress they bid adieu, Anti-inflammatory, immune they boost, Your healthful virtues, they are to boast.

In Ayurveda, your name is known, For centuries, your power has been shown, To calm the mind, and soothe the soul, Ashwagandha, you make us whole.

Oh may your healing power forever thrive, And in our hearts, your memory survive.

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